design, illustration & creative direction

The Baby Brother Curse / Die Bababoetie-gedoente

An illustrated children’s book

Author: Michelle Sacks
Translator: Lize Kreuser
Publisher: Bumble Books
My involvement: character development, illustration, design, hand-lettering
Medium: pencil, pastel, monotypes, collage

My first published picture book! It was written by my hilarious and talented friend, Michelle Sacks, and translated into Afrikaans by Lize Kreuser.

Buy your copy here - or order it from your local bookshop.

When Boo hears that her mum is expecting a little boy, she thinks it’s the very worst news in the whole world. She pictures her brother, all smelly and yucky and terrible, and spends nine months bemoaning her awfully bad luck.

Until the big day arrives.

A must-read for soon-to-be big sisters who need a little reassurance about their new brothers.

"The Baby Brother Curse is a funny, engaging and reassuring story that all big sisters and older siblings will be able to relate to." - Tyler Roodt

The illustrations were turned into fun colouring-in pages at the book launch.

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