design, illustration & creative direction

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A book cover illustration

Client & publisher: Modjaji Books
My involvement: illustration, hand-lettering
Medium: goauche-resist  and ink

A book cover illustration for Makhosazana Xaba’s collection of short stories that can be devoured all at once or savoured slowly, story by story – by re-envisioning the ordinary and accepted, Xaba is creating a space in which women’s voices are given a rebirth.

“The worlds Xaba creates in these short stories are courageous; they are also playful and brimming with curiosity… This is a collection that unapologetically centres women’s voices and experiences, at the same time as pushing the boundaries of what this ordinarily means. Xaba has never been content in her writing to simply present the unconventional – she re-imagines the very notion of what we expect from a short story, from a woman, from a girl.” – Pumla Gqola

~ Winner of the SALA Nadine Gordimer Award for Short Stories 2014 ~

(photo by Nomali Cele)

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