design, illustration & creative direction

Riding the Samoosa Express

A book cover illustration

Client & publisher: Modjaji Books
My involvement: illustration, hand-lettering
Medium: goauche painting  

A book cover illustration for a collection of stories exploring issues of marriage, love, loss, family life, culture, religious beliefs, suburban life, local and international politics, freedom and education, among other important issues faced by professional and well-educated Muslim women who have not been held back by global stereotypes.

“More than the essays, the collection of women is itself a testament to the varied nature of that elusive thing which western, as well as traditional Islamic, interpretations attempt to squeeze into a neat little box: the Muslim woman.Riding the Samoosa Express is an account of love, marriage, loss, and identity.” – Saadia Faruqi

(photo by Zaheera Jina Asvat)

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